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2018In August 13. : Very popular!

Speaking of summer after all this.(Lol)

Popular with farmers who had brought additional ~!

BBQ with watermelon instead want(Lol)
2018年8月5日 : Kyoho grapes
Hello ~!

Today from Yamanashi grape & Minoru Fujita & black beat get started ~(^^)

Grape is still popular‼

Fujiminori is moderate in acidity, easy-to-eat high sugar content in the improved varieties of the pione grapes!

Black beat's mating of fujiminori and pione
The very juicy meat in moderation
Each skin is edible!

Take a look at the vineyard compare with eat!
2018年7月31日 : Notice of hours
Station Asagiri plateau road stay thank you.

Product management today involves inventory for
5:00 PM sales will be ended.
Also cafeteria will order stop ended at 5.

Indeed it is a thank you for your understanding and cooperation as.
2018On July 28. : Notice of hours
Use our station Asagiri plateau road thank you.

Today we will be closed the renovation of a Typhoon 16:30
Ended 16:00 dining room order.

Congratulations on your rants, your understanding and cooperation as thank you.
2018年7月25日 : Finally ~ (^^)/

I started with grapes from Yamanashi ~ ♪

Pictured above is a Delaware

Pictured below are purple jade "and gyokudo"
Taste is like a grape!

Please try to eat.(^^)