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2017年11月15日 : I was waiting for‼
Hi ヽ(^ o ^)
富士山にもだいぶ雪が積もってー紅葉も見頃の時期は過ぎてしまいました(T ^ T)




あったまります( ´ ▽ ` )


みなさんもぜひ飲んでみてくだい*\(^ o ^)/*
2017年11月10日 : Sanshu shop Open!
Good morning!

From today, 2 heads of time well junior high school shop stagnated shop soon will open from 11 am.

Popular root primordia radishes every year

Was like soup, noodles

Suites include‼

To play your come-ヽ(^ o ^)
2017年11月8日 : Event
Hi ヽ(^ o ^)

It is event notification 11/10-11 today!

Inoue head junior high school every year, this time at station road opened shop!

Japanese radish root primordia
Soba & soup
These include student dorayaki-milk dumplings!

You to play please!
201711-7 pm : From the shop
Hi ~(^^)/

See outside in Nice weather today and good feelings a paragliding on flying!

Well today is from new product announcement!

Opening of the horse mackerel

6Pack small 1,080 Yen
4Pack of 1,080 Yen

Fish assortment(Large) 2376Circle
Fish assortment(Small) 1728Circle

Here is an assortment of photos at a later date!

Assortment comes in styrofoam.

Gift would you like?
201711-3 pm : 3Holidays start
Good morning(^^)/

From today 3 day weekend!
Have colored leaves are a nice touch( ´ ▽ ` )

Announcements from the ice workshop today!

The start smoking hot local sweets shop Mr. handmade pork buns is baozi series(*Be! ')♪
One 120 Yen

Red bean paste is a little‼

I will try in the morning mist.