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2018On February 1st. : Business depends on the snow
2018In January 24. : Because it is the year of the dog...
Welcome to in front of the buffet restaurant(*^. ^*)
Will see now only

It's cold outside but warm hospitality serves today!

Buffet restaurant Fuji I
Lunch 11:00-14:30 (last order)
Tea 14:30-16:00 (last order 15:30)

2018年1月23日 : Snow
Good morning!
Yesterday in the snow snow's morning mist(^^)

15cm more snow!
You can so that plow roads!
But might have frozen so watch out!
2018年1月22日 : Today's sales
Asagiri Kogen is 11.:30Around from the snow began to fall.
The front of the shop again slightly on the ground!

Station Asagiri plateau road for inspection depends on the weather, leaving work early we will be.
Restaurant 13:00 Last order
Shop & ice cream workshop 13:00 Closing
For the inconvenience, but please understand thank you thank you more!
2018In January 19,. : Tea time
It was warm the day before yesterday is yesterday, but today morning mist always return is very cold!
Later in a cloudy forecast Monday snow it is like, tomorrow, day after tomorrow is sunny!
The news blog instagram at snow conditions!

Today I will introduce tea time buffet restaurant(^^)/
10: 30-11 a.m.
14At 30 minutes from 15:30 it is!

You can choose from the restaurant hand making pudding and potatoes Studio Kakutani's sweet potato jelly!

Everyone please note!