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2018On April 21. : Today, Mt. Fuji
Hello ~!
Today is a very warm weather.

Mt. snow has melted much!

Azalea Road station is a beautiful color and blooms!

Please come and see it!
2018In April, 18. : New products
Good morning!

Today was a new product shop!

Saba sauce dried oil 600 Yen

It is perfect for souvenirs!
2018On April 17. : When reading
Good morning!

News from the vegetable corner‼

Kiyomi 540 Yen
Orange and pop is a combination of Kung!
Please come try it!
2018年4月16日 : Spring
Hi ~

Today is supposed to be sunny.
Cloudy in the afternoon.
This week is also the rainy...
The expected weather on Saturday and Sunday(^^)

On Cherry Road Station today!

2 cherry trees in the parking lot is almost in full bloom!
Lookout cherry blossoms still bloom about 3 minutes.

GW till you want is in full bloom.(^^)
2018In April, 14. : On the way to camp
Near the camping recommended products

Special sale for this event!
Asagiri ham and got the BBQ!
3Public ¥ 2,000

It is only 9!
Soon as you please!