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201711-2 pm : Announcements from the vegetable corner.
Good morning(^^)

News from the vegetable corner‼

100 momme persimmon arrived again this year!
2¥ 900 kg
Approximately 8.9 pieces included!

Big and perfect for the dried persimmon‼
Challenge your persimmons!
201711-1 pm : From today!

Today is good weather the day outing.(*´`*)
It is from the weekend three-day weekend!
When you go out you like!

Are getting numerous inquiries if today this blog wrote

11March is scheduled to begin around the end of‼
Also on the blog to let you know the
Please wait a little bit more.(^ ^)
2017On October 29 : Storefront sales
Good morning(^^)/

Under the influence of Typhoon rain today is...
Recently on Sunday weekly rain feel like...
Hope the weather weekend(._.)

Today the station at over-the-counter sales of Spring Flower!
I'd choose a product!

Eel pie and pie Shirasu, and

Try to come will benefit from close up!

2017In October 26. : Also this year

News from the vegetable corner.

Now this season again this year‼

Wild Yam‼
Yam is delicious rice.(*´`*)

In Fujinomiya and organic wild Yam is close to the natural taste!
Stickiness is perfect(^^)v

Price depends on weight, so a great souvenir!

Small is often how we bought at home!

How is everyone?
2017In October 23. : It snowed!
Hi ~

Today the weather is very beautiful looks good(^^)
A little snow.(*^ Ω ^ *)
Just... strong winds...
Please be careful when you go out!