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2018April 25. : New products

It was hot until the Sunday
Yesterday and the day before yesterday was chilly.
Temperature difference so take care to health!

Well today is the shop new products(^^)

1Top is the bottling of bamboo's Kobayashi pickle store
I recommend bamboo rice? ~(Lol)

Either on the left side under the countryside in Takuan's Kobayashi pickle shop now new pickle!

Perfect for souvenirs on the right under the burdock root candy!
Kinpira gobo taste!
Does not stop and begins to eat.(^^)
Come try!
2018年4月23日 : Announcements
Always station Asagiri plateau Road site please, thank you!

Most popular wheat fatty meal on the selling end of the season.

It is also scheduled to start around 11 months.

Please forward!
2018年4月21日 : Today, Mt. Fuji
Hello ~!
Today is a very warm weather.

Mt. snow has melted much!

Azalea Road station is a beautiful color and blooms!

Please come and see it!
2018In April, 18. : New products

Today was a new product shop!

Saba sauce dried oil 600 Yen

It is perfect for souvenirs!
2018年4月17日 : When reading

News from the vegetable corner‼

Kiyomi 540 Yen
Orange and pop is a combination of Kung!
Please come try it!