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2022December 14. : Road Station Asagiri Kogen About year-end and New Year business
Thank you very much for using Roadside Station Asagiri Kogen.
Roadside station Asagiri Kogen will be open without holidays even during the year-end and New Year holidays.
Please note that some schedules are subject to change.

12March 19(moon) 8:00-16:00 * For employee training
12March 31(soil) 8:00-16:00
January 1 (sun) 7:00-16:00

We sincerely look forward to your visit.
2022July 20 - : Mt. Fuji and new products
Today's Mt. Fuji and new products

Corn and peaches also arrived in the vegetable corner

In the ice workshop, the sale of melon ice cream has begun.
2022April 27 - : New Products
Yuru Can △ In the corner
*Stainless steel mug is in stock

And this year from Kobayashi Pickle Shop again
* This bottled bamboo shoot
I've entered.(^^)/
It is convenient for cooking!!
2022April 20, 2010 : Yuru Camp Goods
Good morning

New products are in stock at the shop from today! !

Yuru Camp Goods
Chocolate cookies in barrels

After I finish eating

It can also be used for pen stands and accessory can be used.

2022April 19 - : Cherry blossoms at Mt. Fuji Observatory
I can't see Mt. Fuji today, but I saw the cherry blossoms at mt. Fuji Observatory.

It's starting to bloom more and more!!

I'm looking forward to the day when it's in full bloom.