Introduction to station road

Michinoeki Asagiri Kogen

Our station Guide



And the way-station?

Station Road is a rest facility combines the three functions.

Break function

< Kinda break >
Can break at any time comfortable, spacious parking, clean toilets and phone available.

Information exchange functions

< Road and city information station]
It offers enjoyable Road station area attractions and the city's culture, history, specialty, road and weather information, such as the drive information.

Regional integration

< Circle of human interaction in the Community >
Road station as the machitomachito cooperation and interaction vibrant community is created.

Introducing the Asagiri plateau


Asagiri Kogen is Mt. Fuji at 800-1000 m dairy and animal husbandry zone is.
Spread a vast plateau in the fresh air, Mt. snow water, dairy, livestock and various products are produced.
Also, in active outdoor sports such as paragliding, horseback riding, has become a popular leisure spot.

Asagiri Kogen is dairy farming, sports, leisure, not known as a famous shooting spot of Mt. Fuji.
Forget the passage of time is watching the majestic Mt. Fuji quietly nestled in a vast plateau, will want to hold quiet camera.
You can take countless pictures on Asagiri-Kogen, you almost anywhere for viewing Mt. Fuji, nature of the plateau and Mount Fuji by theme.