Facility Guide

Asagiri Kogen hotel



Station Road is a rest facility combines the three rest, information exchange, and community features.

You can feel closer to the top with magnificent Mt. Fuji is visible in front of the regional information and rest areas.
Facility, restaurants, souvenir stores, ice cream factory and shop that offers fresh vegetable sales.


Shops & specialty exhibit sales

Ice cream factory & outlet

Vegetable stand

Information kiosk, rest area

Mt. Gallant koshikaketara on the bench and bowed in front of the fatigue of the journey even if the scanner-I and it skips.
From it. I have in front of Mount Fuji from Mt. Fuji full bit and learn Let's.
Search tourist spots. Curious you will satisfied with, should be possible.

Vending machine corner

The station vending machines available 24 hours.
Products vending machines for 8, as will is good. You can use ports of call late at night or early in the morning, well.

parking lot

Large 11 vehicles and 72 small vehicles, parking, handicapped by two.
Parking space is quite large, just because "the way station".
Relax in the long-haul trucking and long journey the easy meal and souvenir buy. comes with the purpose of the station is variety, and meaningful to customers.
24Your available time.

EV quick charging unit corner



EV quick charging machine corner 24 hours in Asagiri plateau Road Station available.

Public toilets

Male 35 instruments for 15 instruments, 18 women's and disabled two oscillator.
2Place the toilet building, available 24 hours.
Nursing room

You can use the completely private baby care room "mamaro" 24 hours a day for breastfeeding, baby food, diaper changing, etc. The canteen also provides hot water for milk.