1Months from the renewal Open


This year even after 4 days!
To greet the new year has a cleaning station road‼

Well it's now 4 days later
2018January 1, Asagiri food Park buffet restaurant Fuji, it is reopening(^^)

With the menu of 30 species of Japanese, Western, and in every season
Byuffe形-70-1,700 yen
Beef steak and milk pot is separate fee: 700 yen
Only 1 dish for the first 500 yen(Number of minutes)
Will be renewed in shape!

"Aussie beef" steak's beef
With morning mist yoghurt pig milk pot
You can choose!

New buffet restaurant Fuji I thank you!(^-^)/

Station Asagiri plateau Road restaurant offers
Most popular hamburger meal and barley.

Both will be limited so please come early‼